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Terms & Conditions

B&B Les Granges Menillonnes


The general conditions detailed below apply to all bookings at "Les Granges Ménillonnes".

Each Client is made aware of our terms an conditions. Consequently, any booking implies full and unreserved agrement by the client to these terms.

The terms are intended to define the terms of booking and cancellation, the commitments of "Les Granges Ménillonnes" and their customers relating to their stay at "Les Granges Ménillonnes" and various aspects such as the use of information transmitted, intellectual property content of this site and the settlement of disputes.

Booking and Cancellation

Article 1: Prices and Local Tax
Prices and taxes are in Euro and include VAT.

"Les Granges Ménillonnes" can change prices at any time.
Article 2:  Booking
"Les Granges Ménillonnes" offers customers 2 ways to book:
    * By E-mail through the contact form,
    * By phone, by contacting us on 00 33 2 32 26 45 86 or 00 33 6 70 46 87 57

Any reservation becomes effective when "Les Granges Ménillonnes" has received and cashed the deposit corresponding to the booking.

The deposit is calculated as follows:

- for a booking of a chambre d'Hôtes: 25 % of total cost,

- for a booking of the self-gatering gite: 25 % of total cost.

"Les Granges Ménillonnes" reserves the right to cancel any booking by a customer with whom there is a dispute over payment of a previous booking.
Article 3: Cancellation or modification of a reservation by a customer
For any cancellation or modification of a booking, contact "les Granges Ménillonnes" by phone 00 33 2 32 26 45 86 or e-mail using the contact form

  1. Cancellation or modification of a booking before arrival: 
    • If the request is made at least 7 days before arrival, the deposit paid will be refunded,
    • If the request is made between 24 hours and 7 days before arrival, the deposit will be refunded if the guest room or cottage reserved has been rented to other clients on the dates involved,
    • If the request comes less than 24 hours before arrival, the deposit is claimed by "Les granges Ménillonnes",
  2. If the client does not book in before 7.00 pm on the scheduled date of arrival, the reservation becomes cancelled and the deposit is claimed by "Les Granges Ménillonnes"
  3. In case of a shortened stay, the cost for the entire accommodation is owed by the customer.

Article 4: Payment of deposit and reservation process
The methods of payment of the deposit, accepted by "Les Granges Ménillonnes" are by bank transfer (in this case ask us to send you an IBAN)

"Les Granges Ménillonnes" will consider bookings paid by bank transfer, effective upon receipt and payment thereof.

Commitments between "Les Granges Ménillonnes" and customers regarding their stay at "Les Granges Ménillonnes"

Article 5: Welcome
The best reception will be reserved for our guests with all the attention desired, to facilitate their stay and their knowledge of the region.
Article 6: Check in
The customer must check in at the date and time mentioned when booking. In the event of a delay, the customer must notify it to "Les Granges Ménillonnes" before 7 p.m. on the day of arrival.

Article 7: Use of premises
The client must respect the peaceful nature of the premises.
He undertakes to leave the rooms in good condition.
In case of breakage or damage, "Les Granges Ménillonnes" reserves the right to seek compensation for damages from the customer responsible.

Article 8: Capacity
The booking is established for a specific number of people. If this number is more important at the beginning or during the stay, "Les Granges Ménillonnes" reserves the right to refuse additional persons or can demand extra payment.
The refusal may not, under any circumstances, be considered as a modification or a breach of contract by "Les Granges Ménillonnes"; Likewise, in the case of early check out, no reimbursement may be considered.

Article 9: Animals
The pets are not allowed in the bedrooms of " Les Granges Ménillonnes". In case of breach of this clause by the client, "Les Granges Ménillonnes" reserves the right to refuse pets. This refusal may not, under any circumstances be considered as a modification or a breach of contract by "Les granges Ménillonnes", so no refund can be considered.

Various aspects

Article 10: Use with the information transmitted
Users of this site are informed that the information they provide on the forms on this site is necessary to respond to their requests and is intended solely for "Les Granges Ménillonnes", for administrative and commercial uses.

Respect for customer privacy is guaranteed in accordance with the ethics and guidelines of the CNIL.
Under Law No. 78-17 on the 6th of January 1978 relating to data, files and freedoms, every customer has a right to access, review, modify and delete data.
Also, you can contact us for questions relating to personal data transmitted, by:
    * e-mail; in this case, use the contact form
    * post to Les Granges Ménillonnes - 2 rue Grand'Cour - MENILLES 27 120 - FRANCE.

Article 11: Intellectual Property
All text, illustrations and photographs on the site www.lesgranges27.com are protected by intellectual property rights. Any reproduction is strictly prohibited.

Article 12: Law / Litigation
Any reservation contract between Clients and "Les granges Ménillonnes" is subject to French law. The competent authorities in case of dispute will be "Les Granges Ménillonnes" local court.